Customizing builds and Buildroot

Custom builds

There are custom builds available for both Starkl and Raspbian, both of which take the same path to customizing them.

The command to do this is run from the root Starkl directory is as follows:

make outputs/${TARGET}+menuconfig

This will allow you to enable and disable modules as desired. Starkl also has an optional "start" point for you to customize from, minimal. Minimal Starkl Has most modules disabled and will start you off from the most minimal starting point possible, and by itself will be basically useless and not suggested. However by starting from this point you will be able to minimize the space that your Starkl image will take.

Customizing Buildroot

The method of customization available for Buildroot is much the same as the method of customizing normal builds, however there are two locations this can be used, in the buildroot directory and the root directory.

This is simply:

make menuconfig

Running this from the root directory will more directly effect the builds whilst running it from the Buildroot will run that more.