Playing an HLS Stream

Note: It is currently not possible to play complex HLS streams on this platform. This means that playlists including separate audio / video components, or playlists that provide multiple bitrates will not currently work.

An HLS stream can be decoded on the 4Kopen board by using our build of Parole, or by constructing a GStreamer pipeline by hand.

When using Parole to play media via HLS, navigate to Media → Open Location... → and enter the URL.

HLS cannot currently be easily played using gst-launch-1.0, however it is possible to use ST's gst-apps instead. For example:

gst-apps ""

We believe that the issue with HLS lies in the GStreamer implementation, as we have replicated the issue on a Linux PC.

It is currently only possible to decode "basic" HLS streams - this means that it is possible to play a list of segments, each containing audio and video. For example:

It is not possible to decode a more complex HLS stream: