Playing an HTTP Stream

An HTTP stream can be decoded on the 4Kopen board by using our build of Parole, or by constructing a GStreamer pipeline by hand.

When using Parole to play media via HTTP, navigate to Media → Open Location... → and enter the URL.

It is also possible to play an HTTP stream using gst-launch-1.0 on the command line, for example:

gst-launch-1.0 \
    souphttpsrc location=http://server:8080/bbcone.ts ! tsdemux name=d \
    d.video_0_0065 ! queue ! mpegvideoparse ! stvideo ! stdisplaysink \
    d.audio_0_0066 ! queue ! mpegaudioparse ! staudio ! staudiosink

There are a handful of simple HTTP servers that can be used to quickly and easily serve up media files: