Reflashing UBoot after removing or corrupting it


The 4Kopen board appears unresponsive - no video or serial output is observed after powerup.


To fix this you will need a suitable JTAG connector along with a method of connecting to the board's serial console (such as minicom and a 3.3v TTL UART - pinout details here).

  1. Download and build Starkl - Instructions can be found here. Only the first two steps are required - stop after completing the "Building Starkl" step.
  2. Run: ./launchers/stmc2/launch-starkl -cf outputs/starkl-b2264-default/images/ ${JTAG_INTERFACE_IP}
  3. When U-Boot starts, break into the command line interface by pressing <return>. This will interrupt the boot procedure.
  4. Once you are at the U-Boot prompt, follow the steps here.