WiFi Module Loading on Boot Issue


The WiFi does not work and if you look at the dmesg you see the following message constantly:


The PCIe card hard become loose and needs re-seating.

Steps for reseating PCIe card
  1. Attach an anti-static wrist band.
  2. Unscrew the retaining screw for the PCIe card.  See picture on right →
  3. Completely remove the PCIe card being careful not to break the connector or disconnect the aerial.
  4. Check for any dust or dirt in the PCIe connector, and remove it if necessary using ant-static air dust remover.
  5. Check for any dirt on the PCIe card connector and clean as necessary.
  6. Reseat the card by inserting at a 30 degree angle and then push back until the device is parallel to the board.
  7. Attach the PCIe card using the screw removed in step (2).