Software Download

Download the latest 4Kopen image from the download page, and write it onto a microSD card or a USB storage device using a tool like dd or Etcher.

First Boot

Connect your 4Kopen board as outlined in the previous section, and power it up.

If you are connected to the serial console, you should see Linux start to boot within a few seconds, otherwise wait a little longer, and you should see "Raspbian Base" on the HDMI monitor.

While the system is booting, you should see the following image on your HDMI monitor:

If an issue is encountered during boot (for example you don't have a suitable boot device connected), the you should see the following image instead:

After a little while, roughly 30 seconds to a minute, the system should have booted to a desktop, and you should be ready to run.


The default username and password for the 4Kopen release are below. These are required for things like logging in remotely, or using sudo.

Username: fourkopen

Password: 4kopen

Tutorial Video